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Undergraduate Courses
Chemistry for Engineers
Water Treatment & Principles of Ecological Engineering
Aquatic Chemistry and Water Treatment

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Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.) The University of Texas at Austin, USA (1992)
Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.) The University of Texas at Austin, USA (1993)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.) Northwestern University, USA (2003)


Recent Publications

Laspidou C., Kofinas D., Mellios N., Latinopoulos D. and Papadimitriou D. 2017. Investigation of factors affecting the trophic state of a shallow Mediterranean reconstructed lakeEcological Engineering103:154-163.

Kopasakis K., Laspidou C., Spiliotopoulos M., Kofinas D. and Mellios N. 2016. Numerical Investigation of Wind Driven Circulation and Horizontal Dispersion in the Surface Layer of a Re-flooded Shallow LakeEnvironmental Processes3(3):693-710.

Archimandritis A., Papadimitriou Th., Kormas K., Laspidou C., Yannakopoulou K. and Lazarou G. 2016. Theoretical investigation of microcystin-LR, microcystin-RR and nodularin-R complexation with α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrin as a starting point for the targeted design of efficient cyanotoxin trapsSustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy3:25-32.

Laspidou C., Papageorgiou E., Kokkinos K., Sahu S., Gupta A. and Tassiulas L. 2015. Exploring patterns in water consumption by clusteringProcedia Engineering, 119:1439-1446.

Papadimitriou T., Kormas K., Dionysiou D.D. and C.S. Laspidou. 2016. Using H2O2 treatments for the degradation of cyanobacteria and microcystins in a shallow hypertrophic reservoirEnvironmental Science Pollution Research23(21):21523-21535.