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Name Advisor Dissertation Year
Alamanos Aggelos Nikitas Mylopoulos Integrated decision support system for sustainable water resources management, through hydro-economic modeling and multicriteria analysis 2019
Karvelas Euaggelos Theodoros Karakasidis Magnetic navigation of particles in newtonian and non - newtonian fluids 2019
Papoutsis Konstantinos Eftihia Nathanail Retail logistics costs and policy impact – What is the total cost to secure innovation for a greener retail supply chain? 2019

Zorba Triada

Emilios Comodromos

Three dimensional simplified numerical method for the analysis of pile foundations under combined loading

Adamos Ioannis Eftihia Nathanail Modeling the impact of road safety communication campaigns and training programs on driving behavior. 2016
Triantafyllou Antonis Filippos Perdikaris Size effects in semi-brittle materials and gradient theories with application to concrete   2015
Gonelas Konstantinos Vasileios Kanakoudis Real losses reduction in water distribution systems through pressure management and determination of optimal balance point between efficient and reciprocating water use 2015
Pantousa Dafni Euripidis Mistakidis  Behaviour of structures under fire conditions after earthquake events  2014 
Zafeiropoulou Vasiliki Antonios Giannakopoulos Contact mechanics for elastomers: Experimental analysis and applications to human arteries 2014 
Kordolemis Alexis Antonios Giannakopoulos Smart textiles  2014
Athanasiou Vasileios Antonios Giannakopoulos  Assessment of mechanical properties of pressure sensitive materials through instrumented indentation 2014
Misokefalou Eleni Nikolaos Eliou  Investigation into and modeling of factors influencing drivers’ attention and impacts on road safety 2014
Sidiropoulos Pantelis Nikitas Milopoulos  Groundwater resources management under conditions of uncerainty: the value of information in environmentally degraded aquifers 2014
Spiliotopoulos Marios Athanasios Loukas  Water resources management in agricultural watersheds using remote sensing 2014 
Deri Agoritsa Dimitrios Sofianopoulos Parametric analysis and optimization of reduced beam section steel frame connections  2013 
Papachristou Konstantinos Dimitrios Sofianopoulos  Ευστάθεια αξονικά θλιβόμενων χαλύβδινων δοκών επί ελαστικού εδάφους. 2013 
Vazouras Polinikis Panagiotis Dakoulas  Mechanical behavior of buried steel pipelines crossing active strike slip faults 2013
Georgiadi-Stefanidi Kyriaki Euripidis Mistakidis  Numerical simulation of fibre reinforced cementitious composites for structural applications 2012 
Tzaros Konstantinos Euripidis Mistakidis  The unilateral contact buckling problem of geometrically perfect and imperfect beams 2011

Papadopoulou Mello-Maria

Emilios Comodromos Πειραματική και αριθμητική διερεύνηση της απόκρισης ομάδας πασσάλων υπό οριζόντια φόρτιση  2011
Galanis Athanasios Nikolaos Eliou  Contribution in methodology configuration of pedestrian road safety and mobility audit in urban built environment 2011
Lemonakis Panagiotis Nikolaos Eliou

Contribution to the enquiry of motorcycle riders' behavior at curved sections of roads

Vasiliades Lampros Athanasios Loukas    Drought spatiotemporal analysis, modelling and forecasting in Pinios river basin of Thessaly, Greece 2010 
Papageorgiou Grigoris Nikolaos Eliou  Optimization of road network upgrating and maintainance via evaluatiuon of functional and geometric characteristics 2010
Sofos Filippos Antonios Liakopoulos Fluid flows at the nanoscale: arithmetic simulation by molecular dynamics methods  2009 
Michas Spyros Panagiotis Papanikolaou  Πειραματική διερεύνηση οριζόντιων κυκλικών και μη αξονοσυμμετρικών ανωστικών φλεβών σε ομογενή ακίνητο αποδέκτη. 2009
Stamoulis Konstantinos Antonios Giannakopoulos  Κόπωση μικρομηχανικών συστημάτων 2009 
Kasiterpoulou Dorothea Antonios Liakopoulos    Micro-, meso- and macroflows in periodically grooved channels studied by computer simulation 2009 
Loukakis Georgios Spyridon Kostopoulos  Empirical assessment of overbreak during shallow tunnel construction 2008 
Fafoutis Chrisostomos Nikitas Milopoulos  Integrated approach of water demand management in the residential sector. Full cost recovery according to water framework directive 2008
Bareka Spyridoula Emilios Comodromos  Contribution on the response prediction of axially loaded fixed head pile groups 2007