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Tel. : +3024210-7-4163
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Theodore Karakasidis is a Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, University of Thessaly in Greece. His research interests include Computational Materials Modeling, CFD, Nanotechnology, Nano fluidics, Nanomaterials, biomaterials as well as data analytics, machine learning, econophysics. He has conducted research in many different aspects materials modeling using atomistic and coarse grained d methods and is actively working in the field of multiscale materials in the field of grain boundaries and surfaces, crack propagation modeling, as well in several aspects of nano-fluidics. Recently he is working in the modeling of water purification and desalination procedures using magnetic nanoparticles. He is also working in the field of dynamical systems modeling using advanced time series analysis methods and data analytics methods for system identification and event detection from multisensory measurement, especially in spatiotemporal phenomena like fluid motion, weather data, traffic analysis and prediction etc. He has published more than 100 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings and participated in the organization of Scientific Conferences and Symposia in Greece and Abroad. He is actively involved either as a Principal Investigator or Senior researcher in research projects- funded by the European Union or national sources.

Undergraduate Courses
Physics I
Physics II
Numerical Analysis
Academic Writing Skills

Graduate Courses

Office Hours
Tuesday  12:00-14:00
Thursday 13.00-15.00



B.Sc., Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1989)
D.E.A. inMaterialsScience, UniversityPierreetMarieCurie (ParisVI), France (1991)
Ph. D. in Physics, University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), France (1995)
Post-Graduate Diploma, Education, Greek Open University (2009)

Recent Publications

Prof. Karakasidis’s publications are cited in the following links: