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Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly. Our Department has a history of more than 25 years and offers basic and postgraduate studies covering the full range of activities of modern civil engineering. The undergraduate program offers the classical directions of Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering leading to well-trained Civil Engineers, while the content of the postgraduate programs offered by the Department is constantly adapted to meet its needs in the rapidly evolving professional field.

Our faculty members have strong research records and most of them also have many years of professional experience. This way, our students get the most out of their multidimensional knowledge and together with the flawless organization of our studies and the warm academic environment, they develop a close collaborative relationship with the faculty. The high level of education in the Department provides very good job opportunities to our graduates, many of whom are employed in consulting firms and engineering companies in Greece and abroad, or are successful in running their own business.

Staffed with highly trained scientific and technical personnel, the Department laboratories consist the fundamental units of research. Faculty members, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers, together with undergraduate and postgraduate students collaborate closely on research topics, many of which are funded by national and international competing programs as well as by industry. Proof to he high-quality research carried out in the Department laboratories is the large number of publications in prestigious scientific journals and the participation of the Department researchers in dozens of national and international conferences.

All this is reflected in the evaluation reports periodically submitted by the Department, which can be found in the "Reports-Quality Assurance" section of our website.

In our website you will also find information about the organization of undergraduate studies, postgraduate programs offered by the Department, as well as information about people (faculty members, administrative and technical staff) and about the laboratories. Finally, our students will find all the necessary information to facilitate their daily routine (announcements, educational and academic processes, various template forms), as well as links to the electronic secretariat and various other University services.

We hope that our website will be a source of information about our Department's activities and will highlight the organized and systematic way in which we work to provide high-quality educational services and to produce modern research covering a wide range of Civil Engineering activities.

The Department Head

Professor Euripidis Mistakidis