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Chrysi Laspidou is a Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, University of Thessaly in Greece. Her research interests include resource Nexus and water informatics, mathematical modeling and simulation of physical-chemical and biological processes that take place in natural aquatic systems and other ecosystems, as well as urban water issues, resource depletion and sustainability, virtual water and water-carbon-ecological footprint. She has conducted research in many different aspects of water, from performing mathematical modeling of aquatic system processes to computational biology relevant to ecosystem function, to the socio-economic aspects of water use and water resource management. She is involved in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) projects that are mainly on innovative multisensors and/or biosensors, smart urban water management, smart cities and ICT for improving ecosystem function and quality. She has recently been elected the Vice-President of Research and Technology at Water Europe, while she is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge Action Network at Future Earth. She has published over 60 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings and is actively involved either as a Principal Investigator, or as a Coordinator in research projects funded by the European Commission, or national sources.

Undergraduate Courses
Chemistry for Engineers
Water Treatment & Principles of Ecological Engineering
Aquatic Chemistry and Water Treatment

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Wednesday: 14:00-16:00
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Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.) The University of Texas at Austin, USA (1992)
Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.) The University of Texas at Austin, USA (1993)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.) Northwestern University, USA (2003)


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